.270 brass, bullets and a few more items.

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    24 rnds Barns tripple shock -53.8/H4350 win LRMP $20.00
    8rnds nickle brassed 130 gr combined technologies -51.9/IMR4350 WLR $10.00
    35rnds 130 gr speer SPBT 46.6/H380 CCI LRM $30.00
    14 rnds 130 gr nosler BT 46.6/H380 CCI LRM $15.00

    Bullets: Herters 130gr semi pointed -97 $20.00
    Rem 130gr bronze point -100 $20.00
    Hornaday 110gr BTPH/Match -152 $30.00
    Hornaday 110gr V-max - 90 $20.00
    Speer 130gr BT -200 $50.00

    400 rnds once fired .357 sig brass $30.00
    6 fired and three loaded .338 rem mag $10.00
    34 rnds once fired .22-250 -$8.00
    97 rnds 30.06 $15.00
    I also have 57 sierra 117gr .257 bullets to get a new home for. How about $10.00
    I have prob 2500 pcs of brass for .40 S&W that are up for sale. As well as a few hundred bullets. I will get a solid count if requested.
    I have a unopened 4# keg of herco. I I don't shoot shotgun so I have no need for it. It is in the older cardboard container. No the top has not been cut. Pick up only

    I am looking for .300 aac components. As well as 9mm. Brass or bullets. Shipping is on your dime. Or FTF.
    Thanks for looking. Jake

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