.270 ammo and bullets for 5.56 or .45 ammo or bullets.

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    I've got,

    1: Most of a box or Hornady 130gn interlock bullets, I don't remember if they are boat tails or flat base. Probably around $20

    2: Full box of Federal Premium ammo with I believe 150gn Nosler Partitions. Over $30

    3: Somewhere between half and full box Remington ammo, maybe some 130gm and some 150gn. $10ish

    4: Somewhere between 1 and 2 boxes of .270 win brass, most once fired, some twice with a really light Trail Boss loads. $IDK

    Would like to trade for equal or greater value of 5.56 NATO (maybe .223 Rem) ammo, or .45 ACP or Long Colt ammo or bullets.

    I can meet around Willamina, Dallas, Salem, or occasionally Portland area.


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