.243 & .22/250 brass, bullets and dies

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    This is stuff that came with a bulk buy off an aged reloader
    All I wanted was the 7mm stuff. He kept good notes and everything I have used was as written.

    ----- 22-250 components -------
    RCBS 22-250 FL two die set
    180 reloaded 22/250 live rounds, all with 36grs of 4064, totaling 0.92# of powder COMPONENT ONLY
    ~50 once fired brass casings, tumbled
    ~80 empty and loaded brass of unknown nature, parts ONLY

    $50 OBO for all the above

    ----- 243 Win components ----
    RCBS .243 FL two die set
    100 loaded rounds with 43 grs 4895 COMPONENT ONLY
    40 rounds of unknown nature
    60 Hornady #22411 58gr 6mm VMax pills (what's left of a box of 100)
    $40 OBO for the .243 stuff

    $75 for all of it. Of course, all reasonable offers considered.

    FTF Portland or West Side (I'm in Beaverton)

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