24 bricks of 22LR- Thunderbolt, Wildcat and Cyclone

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by RickM, Feb 23, 2013.

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    I used to buy this stuff when it would go on sale and would give a brick to my sisters boys whenever I went to visit them. Except, they grew up before I could give it all to them. This has been stored inside a spare bedroom. Is for sure, not the most sought after 22LR. Given what's going on today, I have no real idea just what it is worth but since I am supposed to put a price on it will say all 24 bricks for $600. If it's not worth that then will listen to an offer that appeals to me. I do not want to seperate it. Must take all 24 bricks.
    I don't need to sell this and it can sit around here for another 15 years. Figure if I am going to sell it, then might as well make it worth my while. If nobody wants it then I'm okay with that. No trades please. Email is best at--

    2-23-13 031.jpg
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    Email sent.
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