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    I have a couple guns I would like to trade possibly sell.
    1st is a Savage 93 in 22 wmr
    It is blued with an od green stock it does NOT have a bull barrel has front and rear sights as well as a BSA 6-24x40 scope with a 4inch sunshade and screw on scope covers will come with 1 5 Round magazine has had maybe 50 rounds down the barrel also comes with camo sling and a limbsaver buttpad that I originally bought for another rifle but it didn’t fit so I threw it on this one.
    ajm6ua.jpg 5wb31g.jpg
    2r6m929.jpg 2q0t0sn.jpg

    2nd is a marlin 917 in 17hmr

    It is blued with a wood stock and has a bull barrel this one also has a BSA 6-24x40 scope but it has the illuminated crosshairs and a 4inch sunshade this will also come with 1 4 Round mag and 1 7 Round mag and has had about 100 rounds down the barrel. The scope has some dings on it and there is a nick on the trigger guard but other than that its in good shape.
    2q1bekw.jpg 2ngdkq1.jpg
    2ain62c.jpg 2s98604.jpg

    I am looking to trade for a glock 22 preferably a gen 4 but may consider a gen 3 or other fullsize glocks no gen 2s

    Trade/cash Value is 500$ for both
    May be willing to add cash or pmags,223 ammo

    Or I have 2 bad company/ lynyrd skynyrd tickets to add if deal is made before the concert which is Thursday june 20th

    If interested pm or text 253-343-2716

    Bill of sale is requird
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