.22LR SA/DA Revolver suggestions/advice?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by atypicalparkie, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Hey y'all~ or is DA/SA more correct...?
    My wife is interested in a .22 revolver; she's especially keen to learn to shoot a SA revolver well. But I reckon something sa/da would be more versatile and fun than SAO... 'cos we all know I'm gonna shoot it too :laugh:

    I've read a ton here and on the internerd, but what would y'all have to suggest? I reckon something with a 4" barrel give or take would be good. Definitely going to be a .22LR for the low ammo cost, used just for fun & target shooting.

    Thanks, I defer to the vast collective knowledge here!
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    Any discussion of .22lr revolver should include the Ruger Single Six. It's single action only but I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you go this route. They are great fun to shoot and you can switch out the .22lr cylinder for the .22 mag cylinder and you've got a great trail/woods gun.

    I'm trying to rack my brain for who makes a double action .22 revolver other than Taurus and I can't think of one off the top of my head, but it has been a long day. I have a Single Six and I have fondled the Taurus at a gun show and the fit and finish on the Ruger is far superior.
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    The Ruger is always a go to revolver for.22... but there are draw backs.
    1. The OLD cowboy grip fels good to many, but if you learn on that modern revolvers feel akward and hard to shoot accurately when you move on in caliber.
    2. The single load is a REAL DRAG when you are target shooting.

    For a smaller frame look for a used stainless ROSSI a beautiful copy of the S&W pre taurus days & cheaper than S&W.

    If you want an accurate plinker, with a "real" gun feel look for a Dan Wesson in .22lr. Dan Wesson made the .22 & 357 on the same frame for silhouette shooters to practice with cheap ammo. The pistols are DA swing out cylinder with extractors, target sights, and interchangable grips of different sizes & styles to suit your wife's hand. Ask a dealer to find one, or try these forums... Best .22lr revolver I ever shot... and yes barrels come interchangable from 2" - 10" on the same frame!
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    The best 22 D/S revolver (IMHO) are made by S&W. The 17 is a great target gun, the 34 or 63 are good trail guns and the 317 is a light weight version of the 34. Charter arms used to make a DA 22 revolver and there are still some of the old Hi Standard revolvers around.
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    Depends on what she wants as far as style. Most western styles are single action only with loading gate.

    I have a SA/DA .22lr for sale that is a western style and 9 shot capacity. I believe H&R made a few like this as well.

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