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Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by lucifermonkey, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Midway USA is offering BACKORDERS for QUANTITY .22LR ammo at reasonable pre-panic pricing.
    Estimated delivery for end of the year! :huh:

    Looks like the panic may be worse than we thought?
    Anyway, get your orders in now and hope for the best.
  2. broncman

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    Well maybe it will come in stock sooner but wouldn't hold breath. I have the 22lr that I realy like on Backorder now for about 3 months with next expected date of June. At that rate I will not have the needed varmint ammo for Sage Rats and will have to settle for less accurate choices for my rifles (at least I can get the 17hmr needed just about anyplace right now).

    Not sure if it is panic, hording or guagers. My guess it that it is a combo of all the above. I did see that Sportsmans had Bricks of Blazer 22 for $25 each and there was 100 or so bricks on the shelf on wendsday. Granted even with the one brick limit I would bet that by 5-6 it was all gone. I was good and didn't buy any but almost bought 3 boxes of the Winchester 42 MAX Subsonics but decided against that also.

    I also like reading up on the SHOT SHOW news about this week and the "NEW AMMO" offerings from the manufactures. As if there is loads of there old ammo available to buy. Oh wait it is all on Gun Broker or the like at 2-3times SRP, seems there is a big problem with the distributers or wholesalers for all the ammunition manufacturs doesn't it.

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