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22LR Ammo Available

Discussion in 'RRC Firearms' started by RRC Firearms, Jul 11, 2015.

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    We have a significant supply of 22LR ammo. It wasn't cheap to obtain, but it is what it is. Best thing is you can do a local pickup and save shipping costs, maybe that makes it a little better.

    .22 LR Ammo - Sellier and Bellot - 550 rounds
    This S&B ammunition was manufactured for the Czech military as training ammunition. Ammunition is non-corrosive and was manufactured in the 1980s and possesses wax coated lead bullets. This is 'Target' ammunition that exhibits subsonic velocity and is outstanding ammunition to use with sound suppressors.

    Our supplier chronograph three different lots from their shipment and experienced an average of 901 feet per second from a 4.7 inch barrel pistol and an average of 967 feet per second from a 16.1 inch barrel rifle with 1 in 16 inch twist. Firearms used for chronograph testing: CZ 75 B using Kadet conversion kit and Kuehl Precision Firearms dedicated AR-15 upper. Chronograph testing was performed at a temperature of 35 degrees Fahrenheit and at an elevation of approximately 886 feet.

    Not only does this ammunition sound great when using a sound suppressor, but it has cycled reliably with the following firearms: CZ 75 B using Kadet conversion kit, GSG-5, semi auto AR-15 with Ciener modified conversion kit with Kuehl Precision Firearms dedicated upper (no chamber insert), full auto M16 with .22 LR Ciener conversion kit using chamber insert, and full auto Vector Uzi with Vector .22 LR conversion kit.