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22l vs. 17hmr?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Grand Poo Bah, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Grand Poo Bah

    Grand Poo Bah Eugene, OR New Member

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    I'm looking at a 17hmr or a 22L What can I exect to get our of these rounds? I'm looking at killing some varmints at about 200 yards. Any other suggestions for a rim fire?
  2. 2gr8dgs

    2gr8dgs oregon Active Member

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  3. bt97006

    bt97006 Aloha Member

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    You may want to look into a centerfire such as .223rem, 204ruger, or 22-250 if shooting out to 200 yards. Thats probably the max effective range for a 17hmr or 22 magnum on small varmints. If it were me I'd feel more comfortable shooting a more capable round at that distance.
  4. stmcelroy

    stmcelroy Madras, OR Well-Known Member

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    I killed a lot of varmints with my .17hmr over a 2-3 year period, then longest only being 125-150yrds, and it did a fine job.

    Sold it thinking a .22wmr would be a better gun for me and have always regretted getting rid of the hmr.

    200yds is quite a ways for any rimfire but if any can do it it is definitely the .17hmr, a .22lr will not even be close.
  5. HahnsXD

    HahnsXD Battle Ground WA Active Member

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    There's no comparison. If the wind is calm I have no problem hitting small bottles and such at 200 yards with my .17HMR... I would agree, for regular use at or beyond 200 yards you may want to look at something like a .223... Keep it at 200 yards max and the .17HMR would work great IMO.
  6. BigBluePup

    BigBluePup S.W. Washington New Member

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    The .17hmr does great out to 200 yrds, And with one of the good turret scopes they make for the 17 shooting out past that is not a big deal with calm wind. but taking anything bigger then a pop bottle or a crow you not going to have much energy. I have seen a .17hmr drop a coyote stone dead at 137yrd. but Its all about shot placement and i would not trust it on anything that big any further out then that. I use a 22-250 for dogs. But when you want something fun and a lot cheaper to shoot for plinking the .17hmr is a GREAT riffle.