.223 Rem, 5.56 and 7.62, 6 PMAGS

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    What I got for sale here is kinda a hodge-podge collection. I have 6, thirty round PMAGS 5.56x45. One thirty round SIG SUAR mag from my Sig 556.
    FMJ Tracer: 5.56; 7 20 round unopened boxes
    JSC/Tula 223 rem, 55 gr. steel cased, non corrosive, boxed primed. Twenty, 20 round, unopened boxes
    Winchester .223 Rem, 45 grain JHP; 4, forty round boxes

    AK Ammo: 29, 15 round unopened boxes lest over from when I bought a 1000 round case of it for my AMD-65. It makes great fun when you have a 75 round drum.
    Pistol Ammo: I have around 125 rounds of Rem 40 cal from when I bought 250 rounds for 100 bucks. Will let these ones go for 25 dollars.
    Looses 556 and 7.62: I have about 100 loose tracer 556 rounds mixed in with about 75 steel cased 556 and some semi corrosive 7.62. I will just throw these on top to sweeten a deal or something.

    WOLF .223 Rem.; 62 grain copper FMJ, steel case, NON CORROSIVE box primed. retail 8.50- my price $4.00 a box. I have 19 boxes.
    5.56 FMJ M856 TRACER ROUNDS; 7 unopened boxes of 20 @9.00 dollars a box. Also have a ziplock bag will around 100 tracers in 5.56 cal I would sell for 20 bucks or so.
    HUNTING CARTRIDGES 55 grain FMJ; non-corrosive steel cased boxer primed
    I have twenty boxes of 20 at 6 bucks a box.

    also i have a great carring case I used to use with my sig 5.56 sbr. I has p mag holders on the side and really was the perfect fit. Let it go for 30 bucks.
    Any questions, call myself Jacob at 9712770808
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    Prices on the pmags and the winchester 223?

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