.223 and 5.56 1235 rds

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    Purchased with the intent of getting an AR but got a ten times better deal on another PTR so i have no need for .223 ammo now.
    I have 580 Rds of American Eagle .223 FMJ 55 grain. $340.00

    400 rds of Wolf .223 Hollowpoint 55 grain. $225.00

    20 rds of Hornady TAP FPD .223 75 grain HP $30.00

    155 rds of Hornady TAP .223 60 grain ballistic tip $230.00 :gun16:

    80 rds of PMC Xtac 5.56, 55 grain. $60 dollars

    95 rounds of the 60 grain tap are not original boxes. they are in 2 small Federal boxes and one 50 rd Black Hills box but the ammo IS Hornady and full plastic around them.

    I am looking for 168 grain Hornady Super Max or Zombie Max ammo. or Winchester Silvertip 168 grain. My gun is very picky about 168 grain i dont know why.

    Will also trade for 50bmg API ammo.
    Or trade towards ANOTHER PTR91 if trade value is reasonable.

    last week i purchased Zombie max at Cabela's for $25 dollars per box. so trade values around 1.25 a round. for Hornady. 1.60 a round for Winchester Silvertip.

    I will take cash also, and preference goes to anyone wanting the whole lot! total comes to 885.00, will take 850.00 for the whole thing. Or you can make trade offers,
    Hurry up if you want it, i may be trading it all for 50bmg this weekend :thumbup:


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