22 WMR (Mag) - 457 rnds

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    Sold / Traded my last 22 WMR gun last week and have no need for the ammo for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping to trade for quality .308 ammo, preferably 150grn - 180grn. Looking for an equal retail value trade. I'm not placing a premium value on my 22 wmr rounds, and I expect you to do the same (I see folks adding 50% because of the recent shortage = BS). I prefer the trade route, but I will also take $120 if the trade doesn't come through (I will not piece out the ammo as I have two kids and one on the way, and just don't have that kind of time). PM me with offers and I will get back to you ASAP. Here is my list:

    22 Mag Rounds

    Hornady 30gr V-Max 142rnds $34.00
    Hornady 45gr FTX Critical Defense 83rnds $23.00
    CCI Maxi Mag HP+V 49rnds $14.00
    Federal Game Shok 50gr JHP 88rnds $18.00
    Speer Gold Dot 40gr GDHP-SB 94rnds $28.00

    Total Retail Value $117.00
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