22 Rifle Made in Argentina. (Model Saurio 62 manual in Spanish). $118.00 obo/trade.

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    For Sale or Trade: Saurio Brand 22 Rifle, Made in Argentina. Tube feed. It takes 22 Short (Bolt Action only) and 22 LR (Bolt or Semi Auto).
    It looks like an old Savage 6a clone. Very Good condition, bluing is 95%, wood stock. Gentleman I bought it from (2 years ago) said the barrels for these guns were made in Germany and assembled in Argentina in the 1970s. Serial number is 4 digits: 7xxx.

    Don't have a lot of info on these. Comes with the original 8 page manual all in 'Spanish'. Might be of interest to foreign arms collectors, I've never seen one exactly like it.

    I have tested it once at the range, as Bolt Action works good, the Semi auto action is kind of quirky, it might need some adjustment to work good, or it might have been the ammo.

    $118.00 Cash or best offer. Might do an equal trade on a working firearm like:
    -20 gauge pump shotgun.
    - Hi point (380 or C9) - I know many people don't like these.
    - A semi auto mouse gun in 32 ACP.
    - Revolver in 22 or 22 Magnum.

    FTF sale or trade.




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