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.22 Pistol Choice

So I am in the market for a .22LR Pistol but as I will be new to .22 in General I'm not really sure what to get.

I am sitting on the fence right now between

S&W M&P .22 Compact
Ruger SR22
Walther P22

Now this will just be for plinking. I just joined Tri County Gun Club and the indoor 22 range is open 24 hours so I just wanted something I can go hit the range at 3 am type of thing.

Any suggestions? If you think a different pistol would be better let me know. Keep in mind I am not a Glock Fan

I bought my granddaughter an SR-22 and was surprised that it shoots pretty darned well! One nice thing, it comes with both large and small grips!
I have a SIG Mosquito that I like too! However, the original owner had issues with the pistol and returned it to the factory under warranty! Now it's slick as greased glass!:D
Now, I have a stainless S&W, 6" semi-target pistol from the early '90's that will shoot circles around both of the others put together, but it cost twice as much too! All in what you like and can afford. I think if I was in your shoes I'd look at Ruger's target pistols. I think that they're a great deal for the money and will allow you to practice fine marksmanship and see fine results! What ever your choice, best of luck!:)


Ruger does rimfire really well.

My personal fave is the 22/45.

If I had to recommend a second it would be the Buckmark series.


Ruger MK I, II, Or III
(That mk2 hunter is on my wish list btw)
These will be the most accurate for you because they are heavy and meant to be very accurate out of the box.

IMO go with the target pistols unless your more interested in training on one of the .22lr versions of some of the popular larger caliber pistols (I have a Walther p22 and love it, take the time to pick them up and you will quickly discover one of them fits you better then the others - which is why I have a p22 and not an sr-22).

.22's are a blast!!! Enjoy;)
Have both MK3 and SR22. For what it is the Sr22 is super accurate, has nice sight radius and picture, is light weight, and points naturally. Also like the DA/SA operation. Reliable too. Eats all ammo. Also easy to carry, if you so wish. The MK3 is more a target shooter or hunters pistol. With a x2 scope, everything hits the BE at 25 yds. Cool for open carry, when riding a horse ;-)
Rather than the half plastic ones I'd look at all metal ones like the
ruger MK---, Browning Buckmarks, S&W 422, Colt Cadet. A high standard or Colt Woodsman would be nice but they are verging on collectible so can be spendy. And if one is to vote with their wallet, I have a Hammerilli Trailside with a red dot on it for targets and an Iron sighted Buckmark that I head shoot Grouse with.


Given the three to select from.

My choices would be (in this order):
Ruger (actually the Ruger Mk11 or Mk111, IMHO are better choices)
I'd pass on the S&W. Don't get me wrong, I own two S&W 41s.

Aloha, Mark
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