22 LR Peters, thunderbolt, mini-mag HP, cb longs

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    2 bricks of 500 peters 22 LR $35 each brick
    1 brick of 500 Containing 450 Rounds of Peters and 1 box of 50 Winchester wildcat 22 LR $35
    400 Rounds Remington Thunderbolt $35
    280 Rounds CCI mini-mag hollow points $30
    200 Rounds CCI CB longs (Great for dispatching unwanted critters in urban areas, VERY quiet.) $20
    Located in Glide Oregon, 13 miles east of Roseburg off of highway 138
    Trades? Mostly interested in 30-06 ammo but I have a variety of other calibers so PM me with what you have.
    Would also be interested in trading the entire lot for a Youth model 20 Gauge pump shotgun.
    OR trade for ?
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