22 Long Rifle ammo sell or trade for 30-06 ammo

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by nextgenar, May 12, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, I have a quantity of 22 long rifle looking to trade for 30-06 factory loaded ammo. For those without any ammo to trade I have added cash prices.
    I have 2 bricks of 500 rounds each of Peters 40 grain solid points. $40 per brick
    400 rounds of Remington thunderbolt 40 grain solids $40
    200 rounds of CCI mini mag 36 grain hollow points $12 per box of 100
    1 box of 50 rounds of Winchester wildcat 40 grain solids
    1 box of 50 rounds Winchester 22 long rife super x no. 12 shot shells
    and finally I have 200 Rounds of CCI 22 CB long ammo (not 22 LR) $10 per box of 100
    I'm thinking a fair trade in todays market would be 1 brick for 2 boxes of cheap (Remington core loct, Winchester, etc.) ammo. Wal-Mart has had 06 in stock for under $19 per box lately and the DC co-op has it in stock for $22 per box.
    OR if you have premium ammo let me know what you have, maybe we can work something out.
    For the other 22 ammo let me know what you have and what you would be willing to trade.
    I live in Glide Oregon which is East of Roseburg.
    I also have some Federal 22 LR I'm planning on keeping but for the right deal I may be able to let go of some of it. :)
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