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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by M.Link, Aug 26, 2010.

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    First, is there a company that makes a .22 conversion for a Glock 21? If there are more than one out there, which ones work well?

    Second, what conversion works the best for a AR-15?

    Third, do 1911's or Glocks work better in general with a .22 conversion?

    Fourth, what 1911 kit is the best out there?
  2. coyote223

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    Stay away from the Ceiner kits,,,

    There is a good selection of AR-15 .22 kits nowdays.

    Marvel 1911 .22 upper is supposed to be a good one. Not sure if you can still get them? Tactical Solutions makes nice ones now too.

    Advantage Arms for Glock .22 LR kit. I had the Ceiner kit on my Glock 19, nothing but problems.
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    I had a Kimber .22 conversion kit that worked quite well. Well made, accurate, reasonably reliable (3-5% Failure to Feed). Nutnfancy did an extensive review on it on youtube.
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    The only 22 conversion for the AR15 worth a dime is the Spike's Tactical, buy once and shoot.
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    I have a Colt Ace conversion for the M1911, works great. I also have a lot of experience in the Army with the M261 .22LR adaptor for the M16. We had an indoor range and even maintained 2 M16A1s dedicated to the .22LR. I also picked up a M261 conversion of my own and highly recommend it, if you can find one. I use it mostly in my 12" twist AR but with the 60 gr Aguila ammo it is great in the 9 and 7" twist ARs. It still shoots the 36 and 40 gr ammo ok out of the faster twists but not quite as good as the 12" twist.

    Larry Gibson

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