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22/45 RP Narrow Grip Solution

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by teflon97239, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. teflon97239

    teflon97239 Portland, OR Well-Known Member

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    Of course the Ruger 22/45 is hardly a straight up cheap-to-shoot substitute for a balanced 1911 with Wilson Combat innards, but I’m doing some mods to make it “less different” at the range. After adding some weight (rail and optics) to the Ruger and replacing a dismal factory trigger group, I noticed that it still felt like a “youth model.” The grip is significantly narrower than a 45. Sort of toy-like by comparison. I don’t have huge paws but I know what I’m used to.

    I tried some various 1911 grips that I had lying around, but they all needed trimming by the bolt release button, which I opted not to do.

    Instead, I removed the flat-ish stock grip panels (Ruger logos, made by Hogue), traced them onto some thick mat board, and cut it into spacers with holes drilled to fit the screw posts. Blackened the edges so they match the grip panels and put it all back together with the stock screws. The feel (for me anyway) is much more positive, and I’m shooting better groups already.

    Still looking for some extra weight, especially in the grip area, so I might just make another pair of shims out of metal.

    Pics below from left to right using my precision Harbor Freight calipers:
    (1) Stock panels & mat board spacers
    (2) 1911 with generic rubbers
    (2) Stock 22/45 – too narrow for me
    (4) Slightly wider 22/45 with the spacers installed – ahhhhhhh…

    photo 1.jpg

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 4.JPG

    photo 5.jpg
  2. teflon97239

    teflon97239 Portland, OR Well-Known Member

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    More and more I'm liking the shims I added, giving the grips a wider, more 1911-ish feel.

    But now I'm sure I want to add more weight. Especially low in the frame - not on top of the rail. So I plan to replace my spacers (the white cardboard ones in picture 1 above) with metal.

    Lacking a bandsaw, I wonder who in/near Portland can cut and sell me something like this.

    I can bring you the templates, and I even have a sheet of metal from a trophy plaque. Looks like a 10 minute job for someone with the right saw.

    Thanks in advance for tips or leads!