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Stream of consciousness narrative.

2020 looks like the year the final nails were driven into the coffin of American society as we've known it.

I'm calling it the development of the dog-walking generation or class. So many jobs became idea jobs. Non-productive enough that they can laughingly call it working from home. But instead of working, they are out walking their dogs. In their tee shirts and shorts. I wonder how much dog walking contributes to the GDP?

The idea jobs came along after so many industrial jobs disappeared. Some people claim foreigners stole those jobs from the US. But isn't it more a case of American corporations found cheaper ways to do things offshore?

Idea workers no longer have to worry about their boss looking over their shoulder and catching them prowling Fakebook two or three hours a day on company time.

Speaking of GDP, did you know that government labor is counted in the GDP? No transfer payments are included, such as Social Security. But other government work is included, such as military labor. It's true that there are a few government agencies that actually produce something. Such as the USPS delivering mail, the TVA and BPA producing and delivering power. But most of the remainder of government labor is non-productive if regulatory and possibly necessary. As it doesn't really produce anything, rather it consumes tax revenue. But since GDP embraces "services" as a measurement of productivity, those provided by the government are included. Just one little tidbit that makes you wonder how accurate government data really is.

Or take the census. What a joke. I do have limited knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. It's utter chaos with tons of disorganization, wasted effort and money. Not just this year due to COVID virus. But it was the same confused, wasteful mess back in 2010. The full-time administrators that get on early in the game are the primary beneficiaries. Let's not forget politics having to do with it. I think the end result contains more guesswork than we'd care to know about.

If a person actually does get COVID virus, it's a bad thing. However, the virus has become great cover for everyone else who are (around here, anyway) just going about their personal business and now have all day to do it in. Traffic is back to being as bad or worse than it was before the virus. Maybe worse if you take into account the insane speeders who for a brief period got lots of freeway to drive on. They are still at it.

This is a transposition of my inner mental narrative as I was driving over to Home Creepo. Upon arrival, I found half of their parking lot roped off for repaving in the middle of the business day. One reason HD is so crowded these days is that people "working from home" or whatever have that much more time to catch up on or create projects around the house.
However, the virus has become great cover for everyone else who are (around here, anyway) just going about their personal business and now have all day to do it in.

The normally slow pace of public workers is even getting slower. I am working on a project trying to get a simple conditional use development application through a City planning department here in Central Oregon.

I called them and you do not reach a live person. You have to leave a message and they will call you back when they are damn good and ready. They screen the calls and you seldom get to talk to anybody other than some gate keeper dude with a bad attitude and too stupid to pour piss out of a boot. His sole job is to delay any kind of work or rational response.

You have to fax the materials, they do not accept e mailed / attached items. They will NOT accept any paper documents via their mail slot. They openly say they may or may not be able to get back to you with further information and process's for at least 2 to 3 weeks. The assigned employee may call you or most likely e mail you back with a determination as to how your process moves forward. It is unknown when they will have full staffing and capabilities, so additional process's may be delayed.

These lazy azzholes are holding up a simple rental use change that is costing our group $ 1,500 a month in rent and forcing our tenant to delay their business opening plans. And we have to submit a $ 5,962 "application" fee with no guarantees that the use will be allowed.

They have all used this covid hoax to work less and still get paid the same, all the while virtue signalling each other and the public every chance they get. Meanwhile the rest of us just keep knocking out our 8 hour plus days in the hope we can pay our bills.

:s0057: :s0084: :s0075: :s0057: :s0137:


They have all used this covid hoax to work less and still get paid the same,

My own view isn't that the COVID thing is a hoax. Because it is real. People have died from it. As people have died from other things, it's just that fatal traffic accidents aren't highly contagious. I think caution has been equated with excuse. Not to mention that government involvement has been misdirected and haphazard. We're gonna see the COVID cover excuse big time with the schools systems. The teachers are gonna continue to get paid, the teacher's unions are gonna keep getting their dues. Because the schools have the full and mandatory backing of the tax base. Yet the kids will learn a lot less as a half-assed attempt at remote learning is made. And one of the main functions of elementary school will be taken from the teachers' backs, that is the baby-sitting function.

Meanwhile, private schools which typically function at a higher scholastic but less costly level are gonna suffer. Because they don't have the absolute power of the public purse and powerful backing of public employee unions which in turn gather huge political support by way of campaign contributions. Private schools are already starting to wither away before the new school year has even begun. Unlike public ones, private teachers don't get an indefinite continuation of pay sans pupils so they must try to find work elsewhere and they are lost to the private school faculty. Meanwhile, student enrollment starts to fall away due to lack of faculty. No teachers = no enrollment = no school.

I live in an unincorporated county area. So I don't have a city to deal with. That's not to say that dealing with the county has ever been a particular bed of roses. I've had my issues with the assessor's office, also with the planning office. I thought things had gotten bad when message machines and email took over. Now that the virus is here, local government is even more isolated from the public. This year, I was very lucky to get my county business turned in back in Feb. Or it would have been postponed indefinitely.




I can keep going .
This guy has been all over the media talking about this stuff . For years
Wrong it's the other way around.
Then we can disagree. They're both bad, but Home Despot is more bad. The closer to 5 is better.

Home Depot.JPG

Ace Hardware beats them both, so mebbe do more shopping there instead?

Home Improvement.JPG
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