2011 Summer Coaster Tour

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    We just got back from the first trip in our 2011 Summer Coaster tour. This time we went to Ohio's King's Island. King's Island is the home of the world famous "The Beast" which is the largest wooden coaster rolling. It also has a great new steel coaster called the "Diamondback." The Diamondback was awesome. I rate it right up there with Cedar point's Millennium Force. This was the first time my son got to hit the coasters with me so it was a special time. Here are some vids of us riding for my fellow coaster lovers.

    YouTube - ‪King's Island's THE BEAST: 2011 Summer Coaster Tour‬‏

    YouTube - ‪King's Island's DIAMONDBACK: 2011 Summer Coaster Tour‬‏

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