WTS WA 2011 Nighthawk Enforcer Recon w/ X300U w/extras

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    2011 Nighthawk Enforcer Recon Heinie Ledge 2 dot tritium sights, (still very bright)
    Everlast Recoil Guide Rod (no flat wire spring)
    X300U/A (Brand new, never fired 1911 with it on)
    RCS kydex holster and 2 mag kydex carries. RH, 1.5" OWB belt loops, left side carry mag carriers, rounds facing forward
    2 Wilson Combat ETM Magazines
    Wilson Combat Firing Pin Return Spring Extra Power
    Extra ETM magazine parts (followers and base plates)
    Original Guide Rod, Recoil Spring Plug, and Recoil Spring (750 rounds +/- 50) included.
    10-8 Flat Head Grip Screws x8 + 4 installed
    VZ Grips Simonich Gunner Grips

    Little history:
    I am the 2nd owner, 1st owner said he fired roughly 750 rounds, had no reason to doubt him, and the gun came in great shape.
    Once the gun was delivered I kept an accurate round count (digital copy).
    Total round count is 1660.
    Its not a safe queen, but I never abused it. Most of the wear on the outside is from the kydex holster. I did a lot of draws and reholstering.
    Trigger breaks consistently at 3lbs 4-10oz using a Lyman Trigger Gauge
    Ive never carried it, so mainspring is still in perfect condition, firing pin return spring should be replaced within the next 400 rounds, extra one is provided.
    I sent it in to Nighthawk to have the ejector fixed in June 2013. Other than that there haven't been any problems.
    Unfortunately I no longer have the test target. My FFL "misplaced it".

    ($3450 for 1911, $209 for x300U, $120 RCS Holster, $40 each for mag carriers: $3810 value.) Asking $2600 OBO.
    Not looking for any trades, and not willing to part out. I will consider all reasonable offers. Thank you.
    ETA: Willing to trade for New Kestrel 5700 Elite with AB + cash.


    I have feedback on Gunbroker, AR15.com, and eBay under 0331OC. This is also listed on multiple websites.
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    Hey Head Hunter ... which part of WA?
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    PM Sent.

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