2006 - Winchester 94 Ranger in 30-30 w/box, ammo and reloading supplies

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    $350 cash or silver / Trade straight across for lever gun in .357 magnum

    What you receive:

    One 2006 Winchester 94 Ranger chambered in 30-30 Winchester. Bore is excellent, action is excellent. Finish and wood are 99%. Includes the original box. Winchester 94 Ranger - Imgur

    60+ rounds of ammunition, mostly Remington Core-Lokt, Federal flat point, and some Hornady Leverevolution

    1lb of Hornady Leverevolution Powder (unopened), 1 box of 160gr Hornady Leverevolution bullets (opened but all accounted for)

    FTF in Portland, Oregon to Oregon residents for everything included, will not split. Great deer rifle, more photos upon request.

    DISCLAIMER: I don't care what you think this is worth, or if you can get it cheaper (then go buy the cheap one) This is what this is worth to me. Some of us value a private sale when procuring our firearms.
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