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Portland / Walla Walla
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First off, read the entire ad before you contact me. Thank you.

This well maintained C55 AMG has a reconstructed title. It wasn’t wrecked hard and the former owner got a very advantageous repair estimate that was more than the car’s value, which resulted in the car being “totaled” by the insurance company. But don’t let that fool you, this car was lightly wrecked in the front passenger corner and was repaired very well. When I bought the car I had it fully inspected by Burback Motors (Benz specialists in Portland) and they were very complimentary about the repair and overall condition of the car. I also had it checked by techs from a body shop in Portland and a Euro car specialist in Bend, Oregon. I was exhaustive because I wanted to fix everything wrong with the car immediately. You are welcome to call Burback about the inspection, or have it inspected again. You are also welcome to pay to have it inspected at any shop of your choice, mechanic or body shop.

Right off the bat I removed the coil over suspension that the former owner had installed. It was replaced with the stock AMG-Eibach suspension. Drives like a dream now. This car is very, very close to 100% stock and has very few modifications. It also has one of the most desirable options- 213 Speed-sensitive power steering. It adjusts the sensitivity of your power steering depending on how fast you're going. Makes the car much easier to steer at low speeds, but nice and tight and firm at high speeds.

The car currently has about 100,000 miles. It runs and drives very, very well. It’s really fast. The transmission shifts fast and strong. The downshifts are great. If you floor it, this thing goes. It has a 5.4L v8 in a small sedan.

The overall body and paint I would give a 7/10. Its in great shape, but obviously is a 14-15 year old car. I used a touch-up pen to clean up some rock chips and stuff on the front bumper. There are some small dents and dings here and there. But honestly it looks great and gets compliments all the time. The paint is kind of peeling on the rear bumper, in a small area.

The interior is in good used condition. No major rips or tears in the leather. The dash and everything is in great shape. The seats work great, I love the memory seats! I replaced the carpets with official Benz all weather mats for the car. Still have the carpets. It needs a detail! But the interior is in great shape.

This car is one of 1,750 ever made. And it represents a great time in Benz’s evolution. They knew they wanted a more bad bubblegum C class than the C32 AMG (Supercharged 6 cyl) but they weren’t quite done developing the engine that would go into the C63 AMG. (They actually rushed the 63 engine and had terrible head bolt issues). So for only 2 years they produced this incredible car using the engine from the infamous E55 AMG, just WITHOUT a supercharger. Which makes it much more reliable as it only has 370 hp vs 470 hp from the same motor/transmission combo. These are truly the AMG to get if you want problem free reliability and a TON of available C class parts. There are some other interesting aspects of this car… the front end is actually from the CLK55 of the same year. Its longer and wider than the standard C class. The wider track helps immensely in the handling department.

Current “issues”: The butts of the heated seats don’t work. The spoiler is lifting slightly at the edges. It needs an alignment.

Extras- I have a spare set of wheels with studded snow tires mounted. These wheels are the same width and offset as the proper AMG wheels so they actually fit on this car. They are not in great shape, but it keeps the AMG wheels in great shape by not driving them during the winter.

I have the Washington title in my hand. I travel between Walla Walla and Portland frequently.

I am asking $9350 for this Benz. Kelly Bluebook has it listed at $7,700 to $10,000 as the private party price range. That's laughable. I don’t think their algorithms account for the rarity and uniqueness of this car.

I am open to trades but I need at least $4000 in cash along with whatever you are offering. I like weird unique cars, 4wd wagons, random 80s Japanese cars, older trucks, UTVs, travel trailers, firearms/ammo, gold, a nice generator, etc. But I need $4000 out of the car and your trade has to cover the rest.

c55-AMG.png IMG_6256.JPG IMG_6442.JPG IMG_7656.JPG IMG_7655.JPG IMG_7654.JPG IMG_7653.JPG IMG_7652.JPG IMG_7651.JPG IMG_7650.JPG IMG_7649.JPG IMG_7648.JPG IMG_7647.JPG IMG_7646.JPG
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