This is a good condition victory red 2003 Chevy Cavalier that I purchased new in 2003, and has been my daily driver ever since. This car is a 5 speed manual. It has treated me well, but I recently purchased a new daily driver, so I have to let this one go. It has been tastefully modified, and has been well maintained, although it could use a few small fixes.

The paint is in great shape, and has had two comprehensive claims due to deer (just body work). Clean title. Has the normal little dings that an every day driver gets. The only real body damage is a dent on the back of the trunk that has been touched up. Also the windshield has a small chip.

It has just under 116k miles on it, with oil changes done every 3k miles. Recently changed brakes and rotors, along with a recent oil change. Clutch was changed out for a performance clutch and lightened flywheel at around 50k miles, although the factory clutch still had plenty of life on it. Although it does have an aftermarket exhaust, it doesn't sound "ricey". The ride is relatively stiff with the gold line springs, but either another choice of shocks, or return to factory springs can correct this if its too much. It handles great with the current setup!

Oh and this car has AC that blows cold!

I should have all the factory parts other than the factory wheels and factory shifter.

Aftermarket modifications;
Tubular headers
Weapon R intake
Magnaflow Muffler
Short shifter
16" chrome wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes 4s
Stage 2 aftermarket clutch
11lb lightened aftermarket flywheel (not just a lightened factory piece)
Eibach goldline lowering springs
Larger throttle body
RKsport engine and transmission mounts
Pioneer 6x9 rear speakers
Wired for an amp

There are also a few little appearance changes.

The bads;
Needs two new rear tires
Needs new shoes in the rear brakes (rears are drums)
The speedo doesn't work because it needs a new/salvaged instrument cluster
Needs reverse light switch ($30 part)
Could use a new idle control valve (it tends to idle high after long duration trips, until you come to a stop. More of an annoyance)
Has an exhaust leak in the gasket between the headers/motor (I have a new factory gasket on hand)
Factory CD player doesnt take in CDs anymore

Currently the rear deck trim piece is not installed due to the rear speakers, but I have the factory pieces which can have speaker holes cut, and I have a piece from an earlier year Cavalier that has 6x9 holes already cut.

Its a great driving car, super reliable, and gets great mileage. (I get 35+ mpg at times)

I priced this to sell quickly, and to reflect the maintenance that it needs; I have it on craiglist for $2500 obo, but I will give you guys my firm bottom end price, which is $2000.

I also have a few other parts that are not installed such as a new turbo manifold and turbo, front strut brace, and body kit that can be included at great prices.

I welcome people to come check it out, and test drives are available for serious buyers. Feel free to PM me with questions.

Okay I need this gone, its just taking up a parking space and not being driven.

$1500 cash takes it, this car blue books at nearly twice that ($2800)

$1800 Trade

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