WTS WA 2002 Toyota Echo $3950

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    This car was recently purchased by my step-son. My step-grandson did not like the fact that it had a stick shift and therefore it is now up for sale. Cash only.

    Please note that I am not the owner of this car but I am assisted the owner (my step-son) with the sale. I will show the car and if we arrive at a deal my step-son will meet us to sign over the title. He works for a living; I'm retired and have plenty of time.

    The car is a base model with manual roll-up windows and manual door locks. It does have AC and an AM/FM/CD player.

    The only issue that I am aware of is that the windshield washer reservoir leaks.

    Other than that the car is very clean.

    According to my step-son: The previous owner purchased the car from a salvage auction after it had been involved in a low speed accident and declared a total loss by the insurance company. The previous owner owns a body shop and performed the following repairs:
    1. replaced the left front bumper and driver's side headlight.
    2. repaired and painted the driver side fender.
    3. straightened the frame
    According to the previous owner there was no damage to the engine or radiator.

    Additional information: The reason the car currently has a clean title is that at the time it was declared a total loss by the insurance company it had a retail value of less than $7880. Due to that fact the title does not indicate "WA REBUILD" as you may have expected. I just found that out; didn't know it worked that way.

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