2000 Ford Crown Victoria P71

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    Just seeing if anybody is maybe interested. Its a 2000 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Has just under 148000 miles on it. Was a former WSP car. This was a higher ranking officers car because it has carpet instead of the usual rubber mat. It has a very nice Setina "Prisoner" kit, plastic seat, divider, and window bars. It has a Whelen Talon LED Strobe in the Windshield. Comes with Police Trunk Pack, which has a Kevlar pad infront of the fuel tank so nobody san shoot it. Goodyear Ultra Grip tires. White with blue interior. Has LED dome light. Runs and drives perfect. 22-28 MPG, no lie. Not one little ding. Working spot light. Trying to get 3000. I want another truck. If I don't get that for it, ill keep it. I own it so its not costing me anything to keep it. Never get stuck in traffic again! Also has 2006 grill and has a anntenna on the roof and three on the trunk lid.
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    I don't want it, but would love to see some pictures.
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    Sorry, I don't really have any way to put up pictures, or take them for that matter...if anybody is "serious", I will do my best to meet them. Also, if you are looking for one of these, look for a state car. The city, and even a lot of county cars, do way to much stopping and starting, they last about half as long. You can ask any cab company. OSP and WSP cars will easily last 250-400k miles. City cars are lucky to make 200k. Just a little info. I've had three of these, and know a lot about them.
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    I know somebody wants this! Every LEO you pass waives at you! No more A-Holes in front of you either!

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