WTS OR (20) New Spikes Tactical MSAR 30 Round AR Mags--$7.50 each

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by cbdolphin, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. cbdolphin

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    WTB Spikes Tactical Lowers, cash in hand!

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    Hell0, I have 20 New MSAR (Made by Microtech) AR-15 Magainzes. 19 of them have a Spikes Tactical Roll Mark, 1 does not. One I have done minor filing too, does not impact the mag at all.



    The Bad: Will only drop free in certain lowers (I have 1 PSA it did not drop free in and 1 Andersen that it did). The person I purchased them from said that he got majority of them to drop free in Andersen/Code Red/ Surplus Arms/Rock River Arms lowers. Most of them did drop free in those lowers, a few did not. However, I need mags that will drop free in all of my lowers, not just 1 of the 2 MFG's I run, so that is why I'm selling.

    The Good: I'm only charging $7.50 shipped a mag if you purchase (20), or $8 shipped a mag if you buy (10) or more. If you have lowers that these will drop free in, your getting a hell of a deal. These mags are extremely well made by a very good company. Spikes Tactical is selling these at $17+shipping a pop. If you don't care about mags dropping free, even better!

    Just a summary of prices:

    (20)--$150 shipped
    (10)--$80 shipped
    (5)--$45.00 shipped

    Also, because I have been 100% clear and upfront about the defaults of these mags, I will NOT be refunding anyone who purchases them and gets upset that they do not drop free.
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  2. rdt

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  3. MrCaprioni

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    Holy crap this is a killer deal. A SUPER GOOD DEAL
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