20 gauge Full choke pattern vs Mod?

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    I've been looking for an inexpensive compact 20 gauge single-shot as a fun/camp/survival/whatever shotgun. I want break-open so that I can use chamber adapters for .410 and various rifle/pistol calibers. The reason I chose 20 is that these type of guns are usually so light that I don't think 12 would be very fun to shoot more than a couple shells. As it is, 20 usually packs a decent punch in the 5-6 pound range that is typical for these.

    I've found a H&R/NEF used that fits what I want in barrel/stock length, weight, etc. The only problem is that it has a full choke. It might not be the problem that I think it is, which is why I ask.

    I have 2 concerns:
    Slugs. I know most slugs technically will work in a full choke but aren't optimal.
    Pattern density. I can look up the actual barrel constriction numbers and what not, but I can't find much real-world info on what to expect out of actual patterns. Plus, all the info I can find is on 12 gauge, not 20. How much tighter would it be at 20, 40 yards? Would I have to really hone my shotgunning skills to be able to hit clays, and eventually small game/upland birds?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

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