20 gauge cylinder bore vs .410 full choke

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by SomeDude, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Let me start by saying that I'm well aware that 20 gauge is far superior and more versatile than .410 in every way except packing weight and recoil. No need to point that out.

    What I'm wondering is how do the patterns compare (in the center, i.e. squirrel kill zone) of a 20 gauge with no choke vs. a .410 with full choke? Let's pretend that I'm able to put the very center of the pattern right at my point of aim every single time. Obviously the 20 will have a much wider spread with more total pellets and would be more forgiving, but with no choke would it spread to the point where the middle of the pattern would be no more dense than a fully choked .410?

    What this is really about is I just found a Savage 24 camper edition with .22lr barrel on top and 20 gauge on bottom. It's cylinder bore as opposed to modified like most Savage 24 versions. I already have a Springfield M6 Scout in .22lr over .410 full choke. Both are overpriced due to supply/demand so I probably won't keep both from a financial standpoint.

    So, for hunting small game at 20-30 yards, pretending that I have flawless aim (hey I said pretend), how would they compare? For comparison's sake let's say we'd use #6 shot in both.
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    There are 75% more pellets in a 20ga. You are talking about aprox 85 #6 pellets here. The 410 is a full choke because it has to be to maintain enough pellets on target at normal shotgun ranges. I think the 20ga will have more pellets on target at any distance. You should get the Savage and pattern them both to see for sure.
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    Ive had similiar issues with grouse guns. My opinion in this case is that the .410 will be the better performer at 30 yds. I had a 20 ga. w/ cylinder bore once and it spread so fast it wouldnt always kill a grouse at 30 ft. let a lone 30 yds. You might pattern both of them and remove any doubt, I could be wrong.

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