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    I have never shot a slug before so I have a few questions. I recently bought a remmington 870 with a 28" ribbed barrel and a 21" slug barrel. the slug barrel is not rifled. What are the differences between a slug barrel and a standard shotgun barrel. I know it is shorter, has different sights, and no choke. but is the inside diamiter a little diferent/ is the medal different?

    I just bought a box of rifled slugs and plan on shooting them next weekend. What kind of accuracy can I expect?
    if I bought a rifles barrel and used non rifled slugs would I get better accuracy?
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    A rifled barrel has a tighter bore so that the lands/grooves engage the sabot encasing an unrifled hourglass shaped slug (sabot = german for boot). This gives the best accuracy.

    An unrifled barrel may or may not have a tighter bore than a shot-barrel; my guess is not so as to cut down on manufacturing costs. It shoots best with the Foster-type rifled slug, but won't compare to the accuracy of a rifled barrel. Browing offered a rifled choke about 3" long back in the 80's that did tend to help accuracy.

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