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I recently got into a rifle/ammo spending spree and I ended up with too many rounds (if one could use a term "too many" when it comes to ammo) of 45-70 Gov (for my Henry LAR). Since now I will be shooting more 308 (Browning X-bolt) and 30-06 (sporting Mauser 98), I want to sell some of my 45-70 Gov ammo. More specifically, I am selling 2 boxes (40 rounds total) of Black Hill Cowboy Action 45-70 Gov 405 gr ammo for $90 cash. Both boxes are still sealed and I purchased them just few weeks ago from MidwayUSA (not the cheapest source, but fast shipping and high quality ammo). I got 10 boxes (200 rounds) from them for $570 total (taxes and shipping included). Thus, I am selling two boxes for less than what I paid. I would prefer a local deal in cash. I would also consider some trade for factory 308 Win and/or 30-06 Sprng. I live in Seattle and could meet you in the area. I can post pictures of the actual ammo upon request. I posted MidewayUSA link to the exact ammo that I am selling. This ammo shoots great and does not generate too much recoil. I shot so far about 100 rounds and have another 60 left in addition to 200 rounds of Federal 300 gr Fusion.

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