2 spanish mausers, 30-06 and a 7x57

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    The first mauser in the top of the pic is a 30-06, it has markings showing manufacture in Czechoslovakia. it has mounts for the scope, a CLASSIC Bushnell Sportview! :thumbup: asking 325.00

    The 2nd mauser is a Oviedo as far as i can tell 1924 manufacture date. it is a 7x57 and has original flip up rear sight. All the numbers on the gun match including sights except for the bolt. asking 250.00

    I am not a pro at assessing condition. I did look down the barrels and the rifling is visible on both but definitely much more pronounced on the 30-06. For a 90 year old gun these look pretty good to me. some scratches on the bottom ammo plates, marks on the stocks. No rust that i can see.

    Again WAY outside of what i normally buy or sell. If my prices are off please feel free to send me any offers and i'll reply. The sooner they sell the better and i will entertain any offer.

    Part of a group of items i am helping sell for a friend, they were inherited from her father and she asked me to help her sell them. I am located in Molalla and can meet Salem/Woodburn or Oregon City/Clackamas area. All items are in my possession and there are ASSEMBLED RELOADING COMPONENTS in the Ammo section for both of these guns.

    Thanks for looking!


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