2" S&W Model 63 .22LR Revolver

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    NOT FOR SALE..........NOT FOR SALE..........NOT FOR SALE

    Up for consideration is a 2" S&W Model 63 .22LR stainless steel J-frame revolver. This gun is in great condition, both mechanically and aesthetically. I bought this piece NIB from the original owner that had bought it in 1991 and left it in his safe for the ~20 years before selling it to me. I've ran ~800-900 rounds through it with no non-ammo related issues. This is a very smooth and accurate piece...don't let the short barrel fool you, it'll put 6 shots into a 1" group at 50' if you do your part ;) A very fun plinker and a great way to train on your shooting technique without spending nearly as much for .38/.357 ammo.

    These guns are pretty scarce among the S&W circles. I'm not saying they're super rare, but you can't just go out and find one whenever you'd like to; and when you do, you'll usually pay for them! They started making these in the early 90's and quit making them sometime in the mid-late 90's. I'm not sure why these aren't seen more often on the used market...but my assumption is that guys who own them, don't want to let them go. Of course, this piece was made before S&W started using MIM parts and Internal locks; so this Model 63 has all forged steel internals and no lock. It was made before what many S&W guys see as the real downturn of the company.

    This gun would come with it's original box, papers, tools, & stocks. The Model 63 is NOT for sale, so please do NOT ask me for a cash price. As far as trade value goes, if you have something you feel I may be interested in; then shoot me a PM and we'll discuss it. We can discuss the +/- of cash as appropriate. I like this little piece though, so I'm not going to trade it for just anything.

    For trades, I'm looking for (in order of precedence):

    -A 5" 38/44 Heavy Duty
    -A P&R 3" Model 65
    -A 3.5" Model 27
    -A Jovino-esque snub Model 28 or 27

    Some photos:

    Thanks for looking,

    (This ad was copied from SeattleGuns.Net)


    ***Also For Trade ONLY***

    This 642 is one of only ~3,000 made (IIRC) in the early 90's, before S&W discontinued them due to the difficulty associated with matching the color of the aluminum frame with the SS barrel and cylinder.

    It's got all forged internals, real rifling, real rollmarks/stamps, and a much nicer looking and durable finish than today's 642-1's and 642-2's. This piece was made before S&W really started "cutting corners" and it definitely shows...this isn't your run-of-the-mill 642, to be sure. This piece is in great condition both mechanically and aesthetically, with just a couple very minor handling marks here and there. It's got a great trigger too. Not too bad for being ~20 years old already ;)

    This piece will come with the Tyler T and OEM smooth magnas pictured, along with it's original standard magnas and a soft case. No box or papers, sorry.












    This 642 is for TRADE ONLY...and only for a 3" M65 or an early M640.

    I am looking for a Pre-MIM 3" Model 65 in factory-original condition with the flash chromed (light greyish colored) hammer & trigger, in about the same condition as the 642 that's up for trade. I'm not interested in examples with case-hardened triggers & hammers, 4" barrels, beater PD trade-ins, polished or bead blasted guns, or examples that were made after 1995. I'll gladly answer any questions or post more photos for those interested in a trade. Please either post in the thread or shoot me a PM with any questions or comments. I'd also consider an early .38 Special Model 640, with the same prerequisites as with the Model 65...no bead blasted/polished guns, good condition, flash chromed parts, etc. We can discuss the +/- of $ as appropriate.

    Thanks for looking,

    ****Both guns can be combined and/or $ can be added for the right deal****
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