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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by NavyBob, Oct 25, 2013.

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    Both of these I have always had an interest in over the years, but just never in the right place at the right time.

    My first 3 weeks ago is what I think is the nicest CZ-75 clone made. I bought a solid steel Baby Desert Eagle in 9mm. The new ones have a rail and I thought I wasn't going to like it, but surprisingly I do. I'm not sure I'll ever use it for a light or laser, but it bring a bit more symmetry to the lines. The other improvement is the change to the sights. Older ones had thin, tall rear ones and the new has the "Novak" look.

    Yes, it's weight is equal to an M1 Garand (40 oz), meaning the all steel contruction makes you aware that you have a tank in your hand. The magazines that came with the BE was not up to my expectations, 15 round capacity and not that great looking in the quality department. I replaced them immediately with Mecgar 17 round AFC and they work great. I replaced the stock grip plates with Hogue finger grooves. I have them on a lot of my handguns, just nothing like the feel of a set of those on a 1911.
    The barrel is polygonal rifling which I've been a fan of since my purchase of H&K's P9S and P7 back in the 80's. I'm 6'3" 215 lbs. and the weight factor really isn't a problem for me, I actually prefer all steel if given the choice. It feels simply great in the hand and the CZ design of having the slide rails inside of the frame instead of on top is a fantastic design. I'm surprised not more manufacturers are using it. As for shooting it, with the weight, it's like a loud .22. Absolutely no climb using Speer Lawman and Federal Hyda -Shoks. I lucked into an in store promotion along with a manufacturers rebate, it cost me $449 NIB.

    The 2nd is one that people either love it or hate it, but it's another heavy weight. I was originally in the store to buy a Kimber Solo after waiting forever, all the time reading that there have been some problems with the design. Staring me from behind the glass sat a Kahr MK40. Again an all steel handgun that is just about the same size of the Kimber, but it felt like a real gun. Fit and finish is nothing short of fantastic. Again it utilizes polygonal rifling, 3" barrel in .40 S&W.
    Now I immediately went home and went to the backyard to try it out. The first shot took me by surprise because this one, unlike the BE definately has felt recoil. The second shot was taken with both hands and a bit of a tighter grip. My only gripe was with the plastic closed end recoil spring and the slotted grip screws. Even though it didn't fail to work, I just don't like it, so I ordered a conventional recoil system from Wolff Springs. Made of metal and I have total trust in Wolff quality.

    Again it was one of those (this has been sitting in stock forever) unpopular models because of the move to light weight plastic pocket pistols. For $500 new I could not say no. I was surprised by this one. I shot several mags and no problems so far.

    My wife believes I have an addiction problem.
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    Addiction? What addiction? Nice acquisitions, Sir!! And thanks for the write-up on both guns!!

    going to have to add a BE to my long list of I wants!! :thumbup:
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    I have to say that the IWI " baby Eagle" or Jericho, is one of my favorite handguns ever made and one of the most accurate weapons I've ever had the pleasure of shooting....

    Enjoy it!
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    Plus when you run out of ammo they make a great club. They are ridiculously heavy but i still love mine.


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