2 McColloch 610 20" chainsaws & parts (pics added)

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    Entire Package For Sale $200.00

    1. Two fully-functional McCulloch 610 Chainsaws with 20" bars saws for

    2. I also have a complete 610 in a box (for parts).

    3. Additionally, I have a large stock of replacement & maintenance
    parts that will go along with the saws.

    4. Lastly, with the saws, I will throw in all the extra chains (some new &
    most have been professionally sharpened by NW Logging Supply in
    McMinnville) I have.

    I know they are obsolete; I have kept them for a hobby and bought most of the parts from a seller in Fayetteville NY. It has been a blast and they cut really good. It is kind of sad to see them just sitting there on the shelf.

    I'm not trained in taking and posting pictures yet; but I will work on it.
    I will gladly load them up and meet anywhere in Yamhill County for inspections to sell.

    Price is firm as I have been given that for a trade-in value.

    Shoot me a PM if interested.





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