Evidence of that? Or should we just take your word?

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Spoonfed sheeple, who run to the stores and buy T.P. when the poop barely shifts.
That was really oddly funny. There were people with only a few weeks worth of food but nearly 2 years worth of toilet paper in their house.

Worst part about all these unprepared ninnys is that after a few days of no eating they will start to become a major liability for everyone else who had prepared ahead of time and sacrificed time and money to ensure their family would be provided for.
Incorrect. See below πŸ‘‡
No they don't. Did you read the article? Those numbers are death rates per capita for a given time frame. They had one massive mass shooting event where 60 some people were killed.
Correct. That shooting by Anders Behring Breivik, who killed those 69 school kids on that island, severely skews the data.
And I say that as a supporter of John Lott and the CPRC

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