2 Arsenal AK74s for Sale! Customized with extras

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    I have an Arsenal SGL31-94 for sale today. Arsenal features rifles with chrome lined barrels converted from the saiga platform and imported from Russia. These are top of the line production rifles, and are just below the world of custom AKs (Krebs/Rifle Dynamics ETC) I am not looking for trades at this time. The rifle has been thoroughly cleaned after each range session using a combination of ballistoil and water for a pre-soak followed by a standard cleaning regimen to prevent rust from corrosive ammo.

    I will require an Oregon DL, and a bill of sale completed for this transaction, and would prefer an Oregon CHL at the time of purchase.

    Looking for a FTF sale, as I am including all my ammo (2160 rounds sealed, and 8XX in 30 round wrapped, and singles) of corrosive 7n6. I am willing to talk about shipping, but would really prefer to sell ammo together. I will not part out rifle, but I will include the stock parts.

    Arsenal SGL31-94
    Round Count: 1500
    Price: $1500
    -Polymer side folding stock
    -US Palm AK Battle Grip
    -US Palm Midwest Industries Quad Rail (with flat optics ready upper designed for aimpoint t1 or similar, to co-witness)
    -Primary Arms Micro Red Dot Sight
    -Streamlight TLR-1s strobe model, includes tape switch and bracket
    -Magpul Angled Foregrip
    -One Source Tactical Enhanced AK sling
    -5 X Steel magazines (polish tantal style)
    -1080 Rounds of 5.45X39 of 7n6 (Corrosive) sealed in a spam can
    Issues - Slightly off center front sight (does not affect function of rifle), muzzle break can not be removed.


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