2 Adcor stripped lowers

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    Here's the deal. I ordered these to keep and give one to my dad. Went to pick them up last night and decided I don't like the finish. I would compare them to maybe a 2000 grit emery cloth. Maybe not that rough but it is noticeable when compared to other receivers. I'm the type of person that can't stand nails on a chalkboard and reminds me of that when I rub it, so two of these have to go. Both have consecutive serial numbers and would be a great candidate for coating or run as is, if you're not as OCD as me. Looking to trade for 2 forged lowers, non consec numbers, straight up. OR I have cash or stuff for trading up for Noveske/Seekins/Mega or whatever billet units you have the mind to swap. I have a premium stripped PSA upper 16" 1:7 CL carbine, 4 charge handles, and 2 ATI lowers to barter with. Email is probably the best way to get a hold of me ballzackk at Yahoo dot com. These will go on Gunbroker in the next day or two if there's no interest. Would sell outright at current market prices.

    Update: Maybe to speak to my OCD my dad gladly accepted the one Adcor. He did acknowledge it was a courser than expected finish but he thought it was tits. Also gave a family friend one of the ATIs. Changing the original post to reflect proper quantities. Would like to clarify that everything listed as available to barter is brand new in wrapper or box. None of it has seen one round or assembly beyond from the manufacturer.


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