WTS WA 1997 4x4 expedition

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    having 4 vehicles is just a bit much, parking is a problem. So the old trustworthy beast has to go.
    let's see:
    205K miles (theses usually go past 300k with routine maintenance)
    when I bought it it needed a few things, so I changed the lower right ball joint, oil pressure switch, tires, brakes, and the drivers side door and fender(not bad, a parking lot incident, or so I was told). Also I changed the windshield (my insurance covered it)
    has the 6 cd changer in the center console, factory.
    not an eddie bauer
    has third row seat (I'll have to dig it out of the garage)
    4wd/awd works fine last time I engaged it. also has the factory tow package, reciever hitch and wiring.

    If I was going to keep it I would fix or replace the drivers seat, it's a bit low on the left side (go ahead make fat butt jokes), and turn or replace the rear brake rotors (little warped, drove it with the parking brake on, long story involving my spouse)

    essentially it has the F150 drivetrain (and a lot of the body too). Engines and drive line parts are readily available. where are you going to get a half ton 4 wheel drive Ford truck for under 2K?

    It is very driveable/serviceable as is and I would not hesitate to jump in and drive it a few thousand miles.

    now for the obligatory pictures


    $1500 bucks, pretty firm on this price, but, go ahead and try an offer.
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