WTS OR 1995 Ford Windstar $700

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    Before you read this ad I want to make it absolutely clear that this van will need new tires before it is drove anywhere. This would make a better work van than a family vehicle. That being said For Sale:1995 Ford Windstar. 180,000+ miles. Engine is the 3.8.Automatic transmission and front wheel drive. Power windows, air conditioning and cruise control.
    The Good: 3rd owner and I can tell you the history pretty well. Engine was replaced at 100,000 miles. New fuel injectors less than 30,000 miles ago. Transmission was replaced two year and less than 20,000 miles ago. Brand new alternator with currently less than 3 miles on it. New struts and brakes with less than 20,000 miles on them. New serpentine belt with less than 3,000 miles on it.
    The Bad: The van NEEDS new tires all the way around. It will need new tires before it is driven home. If you test drive it with the tires that are on it you will be in for the hardest scariest drive of your life. After 40 minutes of driving there is a warning alarm. This has been happening since just after we got the van about 6 years ago and doesn't do anything except annoy the driver.
    The Ugly: All of the hub caps have flown off and I've given up replacing them after going through two different sets. There are various scratches, small dents and dinks and a broken back up light. The carpet needs a good cleaning.
    Asking $700. The transmission alone was $2,200 and still probably has another 70,000 miles left on it. May accept firearms in trade.

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