WTS/WTT OR 1993 Geo Metro 4d - Barter

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    1993 Geo Metro + Cash for ...

    I have a 1993 Geo Metro (and cash to even the deal out depending on what you have to offer) that I would like to trade for a a firearm, duel-sport, ... whatever that you have laying around. The worst I can say is "no".

    This Metro has been in my family since it was purchased new off the lot, and I know everything about this little machine. My goal is that both parties in this transaction will be happy with the outcome and I will give 100% accurate information about the condition of the car/ any problems with it that I am aware of. It is used though, so don't expect a mint car. It runs though and is perfect for commuting, getting a ride for your kid that is cheap, or chopping off the top and making it a farm rig. I bartered for the new-to-me car that I upgraded to and would like to barter with the Geo. keeping the cycle going. I tried selling it for cash on craigslist and after a few no-shows, I decided to try a different avenue.

    The short of it:

    The Good:
    1993 Geo Metro
    4 door + hatchback
    ~80000 on the new engine
    All four tires are new < 10000 miles.
    ~38 mpg
    Automatic transmission
    Gets to point 'A' and 'B'

    The Bad:

    Firstly, Title is branded. A trailer hitch fell off a truck in front of my dad, it bounced under the car and busted the oil pan. This was about 90k miles on the previous motor. Insurance branded it. A new crate engine was put in by a mechanic and has about 80k on the new engine.

    There is a kill battery switch installed. The lights stay on all the time, (brights work just fine though) so I installed a rated, heavy-amp, switch for a quick fix.

    The wipers only work on one setting.

    The starter was having problems for a while even though it was replace two years ago. The rebuilt stater probably just has terminals that were over-tightened and the solenoid just doesn't make solid contact sometimes. A quick fix but it just started happening right before I bartered for my new car. It has fired right up the past little bit I turned it on to take short trips.

    The upholstery is worn and there are signs of wear. Its 20+ years old so... yeah.


    Thanks for looking,






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