1990 VW Jetta

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    Here is my CL ad which has all the info (and pics)..... I have pasted the info below as well for reference

    Mk2 jetta carat - 1990

    Selling my baby... Spent a lot of time working on her for upgrades. She runs great, starts every time, drives great. It is a mk2 though, so if you want a perfect car, this isn't the car for you probably. Basically the motor and tranny haven't been screwed with, except I have added a new battery, alternator, o2 sensor, cts sensor, ISV valve.

    She only has 76xxx miles...

    Most of the other projects have been for the interior and suspension, etc. below is a list of things I have done to the car and what they cost. My price is super reasonable. It has a few dings here and there like any 22 year old car does. If I was keeping it, I would definitely start thinking about getting a new paint job, etc.

    I wouldn't even think of getting rid of this, but I bought a Tacoma double cab so the wife says this has to go now... May consider part trades for firearms along with cash...

    New Heater core and vent flaps - dont remember... but somewhere around 50 in materials and a LOAD of time...
    FK street line coil overs - 700
    ISV valve - 40
    Vacuum lines - 2.50
    Alternator - 70
    Battery - 70
    Headliner/rear deck material -70 (and you get a big extra roll of it)
    Hanging console -175
    Under dash pockets - 80
    Steering wheel - 55
    Carpet (new) -300
    Recaro interior (seats and cards) - 380
    Wheels - 340
    Tires (falkens that still have less than 500 miles on them) -500
    Wheel bearing kits (all four wheels) - 95
    Tie rods/ball joints/bushings - 100
    Single round headlight setup - 100
    Drip rail seals - 20
    Bentley manual - 50

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