1990 Subaru 2.2L Legacy LS Wagon $1300 OBO

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    Sorry for the mistake, its a 91.

    Just got a newer car, needing to get rid of the older one. 90 Subaru, automatic, power windows that work, retractable seat belts that work, 4 door, sunroof (nonfunctional), has cracks,sealed with RTV and does not leak, cracked wind shield but is okay to drive with. Dry cabin.
    AWD, with the FWD fuse option. Has 260K miles but is strong and reliable. Great little commuter, or work car. Body is mostly straight with a couple of rough spots. Tires are 80 percent. Great car for being 22 years old. Asking 1300 or best offer. Well maintained and drives great. AM/FM cassette. AC not that great, heater is good. Rear window defogger works, as does the wiper, but the cleaner does not.
    Tags good till 10/13. Does need to have the exhaust fixed for next trip to DEQ. One of the deals that holds the pipe on, needs some love. Motor and tranny are in good condition. Once in a while it idles high. Had a guy look at it, and he couldn't figure it out. Doesn't really cause any issues. Something about the injector sensor or something. PM me if you are interested.

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