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1985 Nissan 4X4 on Propane ($2.60 a gallon - or less) with a recent rebuild on Z24

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Item Classifieds' started by kodiak61, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. kodiak61

    kodiak61 Goldendale, WA Member

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    ***Taken from my Craigslist add***

    1985 Nissan 4x4 Z24 4CYL Manual Transmission

    $2500 Or best offer, I am flexible on this.


    - 171k on ODO with 32k on complete rebuild. Engine is clean, has excellent compression and runs great. Fires right up, first turn even on the coldest of mornings.

    - Runs on Propane only. Complete conversion. $2.25 a gallon from my shop if your local for 1 year from purchase. Then it goes back up to our normal vehicle rate of $2.50 per gallon. I have seen propane in the Portland/Vancouver area sell for as little as $2.59 a gallon and the highest was $3.00 per gallon. Any and all of these prices are cheaper then gasoline. Propane has several advantages to your engine as well over gasoline. The tanks on this truck are two 7.5 gallon forklift tanks. 15 gallons when filled on a truck that averages between 15-20mpg, gets around awhile. They are ran in unison as well, you dont have to switch when one runs out. Like I said, its a professional install. FYI, my family owns and operates (since 1978) a propane company. This is what we do for a living. Some people have complained that not all propane suppliers will fill vehicles. This is another advantage of the forklift tanks, EVERY PROPANE SUPPLIER will fill them. And these are set up in a professional mount that has a locking clasp so they can be easily removed to be filled anywhere that sells propane. Quick disconnect fittings also help this process.

    Brand spanking new ALPINE CD/AM-FM stereo installed with two 6" door speakers.


    -Aftermarket header (with new gasket installed)
    - All fluids changed within the last week.
    - New cap/rotor/wires and both sets of plugs replaced in the last few months. This is a 4cyl engine but it does have exhaust plugs on stop of the normal spark plugs.
    - Tires have 70% tread (or better - estimated on the low side)
    - Belts were replaced a few months ago when the other maintenance was done.
    - Exhaust system was just repaired and gone through.

    THE BAD:

    - Interior was painted by the previous owner. It is mostly black now but is not winning any beauty contests any time soon.
    - Seats are comfortable yet have covers because they are not in good condition. With the covers on you cant tell, however I feel you should know about it.
    - Rear sliding window clasp is broken. Would need to replace this or the little window can just be opened by hand.
    - One header bolt broke off when I replaced the gaskets. Everything sealed up and there is no exhaust leak at this time, however one could develop in the future. It needs drilled and tapped then the bolt replaced. Contact any exhaust shop, they are familiar and skilled at doing this as it happens allot.
    - Paint is not pretty but functional for what it is (or what it was used for), a hunting truck.
    - She has never run hot or given me over heating troubles but the fan shroud is gone and I would recommend one be installed. It does help. I had plans of going to an electric fan thus why I never replaced it.

    This is great running little 4x4 truck. If you want a cheap way to get around town or in the back country this is a great candidate.

    Mechanically I would honestly give her a 8/10. Losing 1 point just because of age and the other because of the header bolt that needs repaired. Good power as the propane conversion was done professionally and right. Engine is tuned to be on propane. Oil is always clean and pretty.

    Cosmetically I would rate her a 3/10. As I stated above, she is not pretty. No major dents or damage, just ugly. Been rattle can painted on the inside and out and would be the definition of a "30 footer". Going down the road or from 30ft away she don't look bad, but up close its another story.

    The propane set up alone would cost anyone a hair over $2k to have done. With the rest of the work that been done to the truck I believe my asking price is fair. Again though, I will entertain offers. I will also entertain trade offers with specific interest in guns, firearms, ammunition and things of that nature. I am a Washington resident and currently hold a WA CPL/ OR CHL/ AZ CCW so you know your not dealing with a street thug looking for those types of items in trade.

    Truck has current Oregon Tags (12/12) and a clear OR title.

    Thanks for looking, please feel free to ask any questions you may have or to send trade/trades/barter offers. For Oregon residents we would have to use an FFL, I am not opposed this in any way. I can deliver truck to Portland area and meet you at a shipping destination. Should we make a deal, you ship guns to my FFL and I hand you the title. Its pretty easy really.

  2. aquariumjunky

    aquariumjunky Albany, Oregon Active Member

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    ya ok I am crazy but this interests me :) Drove a couple different 1984 nissan's for years! ow the memories!

    Perhaps i am blind but what is the Asking price?

  3. borrowedsig

    borrowedsig Lincoln, Nebraska Active Member

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    Man if i wasnt moving id totally be down to get this. I also did not see the price. GLWYS.

  4. kodiak61

    kodiak61 Goldendale, WA Member

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    Sorry guys, I copy and pasted from craigslist add and forgot to add the price. I will update thread now.

    -Andrew Kerns
  5. kodiak61

    kodiak61 Goldendale, WA Member

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    Up for a price drop