1981 Chevy Factory Built Utility Box Truck

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    I am doing some "spring cleaning" and need to get the aforementioned off my property. It was originally ordered by Sacremento, CA School District as a maintenance truck. I am the 2nd owner and bought it from a broker in Redmond, OR in 1995 and used it as a mobile service truck for my welding and metal fab business. Fast forward - I always thought I was going to do something with it but it just sits around. It has not been registered for a few years but I keep it running and occasionally drive it around on the back roads to keep it "lubed" - Specs - 1981 3/4T 2WD with a 350/T400 tranny and only 108K original miles with the original owners manual in the glove box. Interior is weather beaten and the paint is peeling (original institutional white) but it runs well and the up side is the steel utility body it has on it. This would be a good business starter truck for someone (especially with a couple hard weekends of sanding and a gallon of equipment enamel shot on it). Sell, trade whatever. If you are interested email me an offer and I will send pics - gun trades will be a priority! I

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