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The day was getting really warm - well up to around 65F or so - when we started shooting at the gun club. Pretty busy, too, and people getting their shooting done and moving on, giving the newer arrivals a chance to get some rounds downrange.

I was shooting my 1974 P-H Musketoon with the bullets I got from Malcolm Seller a couple of weeks back. They rattle down the Pritchett, but are an excellent fit in the slightly smaller bore of the Musketoon. I put fifteen shots into about 2" at 50m, using just 50gr of Swiss - equivalent of 2Fg. Sorry I can't show you, since my buddy next door was cross-shooting a .44 Marlin unmentionable, and ruined my target with his first ten shots :(

What I can show you, though, is the bore after clean-up an hour ago. Remember that this little carbine has been shot most weekends - apart from when I was away doing other things - since April of 1974, and although showing signs of wear outside, I reckon the the bore is not too bad -

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