WTS/WTT OR 1974 Colt Combat Commander in 38 super, extremely good condition, $1,100 or partial trade for cz 75

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    I got this on trade just a little while ago and although I love it, I don't like having to reload for another caliber. That, compounded with the fact that a fellow offered me what is essentially my dream gun at 8 dream price, has prompted me to sell this bad boy. I kind of think that they're going to go the way of the Anaconda and Python, just slowly skyrocketing out of the realm of normal folks to purchase, so here's a chance to get a loan ahead of my somewhat supposed and delusional belief of increasing.. I'm like the retarded Nostradamus of firearm values. But I digress, this is a superbly nice with a gun, and a joy to shoot. It does have a issue stripping the last round out of the magazine, but my research s pointed to the misshapen feed lips of the magazine as opposed to firearms. I'd be willing to trade for a CZ 75, assorted 3 gun gear related to the aforementioned cz 75 and ammunition related to that san Barry Gun. Its not that I particularly interested in that, however the gentleman that I hope to by the going to my dreams from is looking for a setup like that, so the actual final approval for any deal will have to go through him. I'm personally in it for a royal 1911, of either a cold or Springfield TRP style. Please note that this is a very poor picture of the firearm, it actually looks much better in real life Pixlr.jpg

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