1951 S&W K22 Masterpiece

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    I have a 1951 K22 Masterpiece. Serial# K114xxx. 5-screw, 6" ribbed barrel, original wood grips, plastic target grips & display box. I'm told by the previous owner that the fellow he bought it from 17+yrs ago that the box is the original display box. I can't say? I've done some looking online & found some did come with a wooden display box & possibly target grips. It looks as though this box is intended for the target grips to be mounted on the pistol. Because I can't confirm, its being sold or traded as an "Aftermarket" display box. If your a Smith kind of person, maybe you know more about it? Pistol has been looked at by 3 different "Old Boy Smith Guru's" that buy & sell Smith's & it was rated at 90%-95%.

    Looking for FULL SIZE 1911's in 45acp. NO COMPACTS.
    45acp Springfield XD package(No compacts)
    45acp M&P(no compacts)
    45acp (not 45gap) Glock(Yep, you guessed it, no compacts)

    Or $600 cash

    Pm if interested



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