1950 9mm (luger?) 8 round clips approx 200 rounds

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    *Offer Offer Offer Offer*
    Approx 200 rounds of 9mm on 8 shot stripper clips. The only info I could find on these was from a collector site, price runs from $50 a box to $395. I honestly have no idea of the value or lack of value here. Head stamp 50,8, *, 9 on copper and 50, 8, *, 10 on the steel.
    3 boxes silver (assumed steel) jacket
    1 box copper jacket
    Any info on these is valued

    Trade ideas
    Reloading gear (RCBS)
    .223/556 brass cased
    bench made knife
    Leupold scope
    .22 bolt action
    things that go boom
    things that don't
    80's to 90's katana parts
    VW off road parts

    I'm open to most anything quality in trade try me.

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