1943 Mosin M38 Russian Carbine - SOLD

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by wolfcreed, May 5, 2013.

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    I have a 1943 Mosin Carbine for sale.

    I would like to get $170.00 or reasonable offer. It has a M44 Stock which I believe a lot of these ended up with after the war. The cleaning rod is not in the pictures, but it does come with one.

    I prefer cash, but I am willing to accept a part trade for a sealed tin of 440 rounds of surplus and the rest cash.

    Matching Numbers? = All but the trigger guard is matching from what I can tell.
    Receiver, bolt and buttplate are matching.

    Counter Bored? = Yes

    How does it shoot? It shoots OK. I am mostly in the black at 100 yds using surplus ammo. I have not tried shooting it beyond that. I've fired about 50 rounds since I got it. Big muzzle flash as always.

    These are fairly hard come by when compared to other Russian made Mosin Nagants. There is a new batch of these showing up at gun dealers on the internet. Those are pretty nice, but they cost $230 - $260.

    Oregon residents with ID who can legally own a firearm or if Washington you must have a C&R or FFL.
    I require photo ID as in a drivers license or CHL. It's required for my C&R book of record. If you don't have that I cannot sell it to you.

    Thanks for looking
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